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This podcast episode starts with a preview of the Paul Brown Monday Night Jazz series, featuring Orice Jenkins, Matt DeChamplain and Leala Cyr. This year's series, usually performed in front of a large audience in Hartford will be live streamed from Facebook beginning July 13. Following this preview is a Frank Zappa set, including a cover by Michael Palin's Other Orchestra, new music from Christian Sands and more from William Parker and Emmet Cohen.

Artist ~ Track ~ Album

Orice Jenkins ~ Birmingham ~ Centennial Cole
Matt DeChamplain Trio ~ Rough Ridin' ~ single
Leala Cyr ~ First Instinct ~ First Instinct
Michael Palin's Other Orchestra ~ Uncle Remus ~ Michael Palin's Other Orchestra
Frank Zappa ~ Stolen Moments ~ Broadway the Hard Way
Frank Zappa ~ Inca Roads - Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention ~ One Size Fits All
Christian Sands ~ Can’t Find My Way Home ~ Be Water
Christian Sands ~ Sonar ~ Be Water
William Parker ~ Land Song ~ Corn Meal Dance
Emmet Cohen ~ Hatzi Kaddish ~ Masters Legacy Series Volume 2: Ron Carter

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Like last week, we start with a couple tracks from Pat Metheny's new album followed by Jaco's Word of Mouth. We feature new albums from saxophonist Kris Allen and Mike Melito. Then, close it out with a preview of Kenny Garrett's forthcoming release. Also in this podcast we hear from guitarist Monnette Sudler and Noah Baerman. 

Featured Album
Artist ~ Track ~ Album
Pat Metheny ~ This Belongs To You ~ The Unity Sessions
Pat Metheny ~ Roofdogs ~ The Unity Sessions
Jaco Pastorious ~ Crisis ~ Word of Mouth
Jaco Pastorious ~ John and Mary ~ Word of Mouth
Monnette Sudler ~ Time for a Change ~ Time For a Change
Noah Baerman ~ Atam Bomb ~ Bliss
Mike Melito ~ Up Over and Out ~ New York Connections
Mike Melito ~ Bolivia ~ New York Connections
Kris Allen ~ Bird Bailey ~ Beloved
Kris Allen ~ Flores ~ Beloved
Kenny Garrett ~ Backyard Groove ~ Do Your Dance!
Kenny Garrett ~ Bossa ~ Do Your Dance!

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A diverse podcast of jazz styles beginning with a Gary Bartz tribute to Trane, followed by young hard bop artists David Gibson and Theo Hill and vocals by Atla Dechamplain. Then 2 extended sets. First is the Sachal Ensemble fusing Middle Eastern sounds with Jazz, R&B and popular western influences. Finally we hear Keith Jarrett in 3 different settings.

Featured Album
Song of Lahore the Sachal Ensemble
Artist ~ Album ~ Playlist
Gary Bartz ~ Villa/Ole ~ Coltrane Rules: The Tao of a Music Warrior
Gary Bartz ~ The Song of Loving/Kindness ~ Coltrane Rules: The Tao of a Music Warrior
David Gibson (with Josh Evans) ~ Persephone ~ Boom!
Theo Hill ~ Mantra ~ Live at Smalls
Atla and Matt Dechamplain ~ Soul Food ~ Pause
The Sachal Ensembe ~ Take 5 ~ n/a
The Sachal Ensemble (featuring Wynton Marsalis) ~ Blue Pepper ~ Song of Lahore
The Sachal Ensemble (featuring Bilal) ~ Yes We Can Can ~ Song of Lahore
Keith Jarrett ~ De Drums ~ Fort Yahwah
Keith Jarrett ~ Autumn Leaves/Up For It ~ Up For It
Keith Jarrett ~ Country ~ My Song

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Blues, Bassoon, Fuse

We start with honoring blues legend B.B. King who passed away this week. Next up are a couple of live tracks from Jimmy Greene and Jason Lindner. Our featured album is from Alexandre Silverio with the unique sound from the bassoon. We finish the podcast with a set of Fusion and rock classics performed by Jaco, Rez Abbasi and Rob Garcia.

Featured Album

Alexandre Silverio - Entre Mundos

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Stormy Monday ~ GRP Big Band with B.B. King ~ All Blues
Sense of Urgency ~ Jimmy Greene Quartet ~ Live at Smalls
Freak of Nature ~ Jason Lindner Big Band ~ Live at Jazz Gallery
Valse para Bill ~ Alexandre Silverio 5teto ~ Entre Mundos
Tarde em Berlim ~ Alexandre Silverio 5teto ~ Entre Mundos
Black Market ~ Jaco Pastorious ~ Live in Italy
Red Baron ~ Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet ~ Intents and Purposes
Little Wing ~ Rob Garcia 4 ~ The Passion of Color

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More Spring

The second half of last week's radio show continues the celebration of Spring. We begin with excerpts from The Bad Plus' latest effort, Stravinski's Rite of Spring. Rez Abbasi's acoustic band is next up from their album Natural Selection. We complete this podcast with a brand new release from Rudy Royston named for his home Area Code, 303.

Featured Album

The Rite of Spring - The Bad Plus on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
The Augers of Spring ~ The Bad Plus ~ The Rite of Spring
The Sage/Dance of the Earth ~ The Bad Plus ~ The Rite of Spring
Mystic Circle of the Young Girls ~ The Bad Plus ~ The Rite of Spring
Evocation of the Ancestors ~ The Bad Plus ~ The Rite of Spring
Lament ~ Rez Abbasi ~ Natural Selection
Punjab ~ Rez Abbasi ~ Natural Selection
Play On Words ~ Rudy Royston ~ 303
Miles To Go (Sunset Road) ~ Rudy Royston ~ 303
303 ~ Rudy Royston ~ 303

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Some New Grooves

Another podcast of mostly new music. The first three tracks feature guitarist and composer Tom Guarna. The first number has Tom accompanying Manuel Valera's New Cuban Express, followed by two numbers off of Guarna's new release Rush. Dig the cool album cover art as well. We follow up with new music from Earl MacDonald's Creative Opportunity Workshop, and Noah Baerman's album of music with a message, Ripples. We finish the program with an older release of Baerman's and a classic from another great pianist, Wynton Kelly.

Featured Album

Rush - Tom Guarna on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
En Cinco ~ Manuel Valera & New Cuban Express ~ Expectativas
Elegy for Etan (Dedicated to Etan Patz) ~ Tom Guarna ~ Rush
Movement and Repose ~ Tom Guarna ~ Rush
Bottom Feeders ~ Earl MacDonald & The Creative Opportunity Workshop ~ Mirror of the Mind
Ripples (For Margie) ~ Noah Baerman ~ Ripples
Satyagrahi ~ Noah Baerman ~ Soul Force
Keep It Moving (Alternate Take) ~ Wynton Kelly ~ Kelly Blue

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Around Town

A playlist from artists that have recently performed in Connecticut. We are fortunate to have these great musicians pass through our home town. They represent a wide range of sounds and cultures. Many have their roots in Connecticut, while others represent an International community of jazz. Hear Latin Jazz artist Mitch Frohman, Spanish guitarist Oscar Peñas, German pianist Alan Broadbent. From here in New England, Noah Baerman, Steve Davis and Greg Abate show us their jazz chops.

Featured Album
From Daddy With Love - Mitch Frohman on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Mambo Nice ~ Mitch Frohman ~ From Daddy with Love
Etude No. 1 ~ Oscar Peñas ~ Music of Departures and Returns
Rain ~ Oscar Peñas ~ Music of Departures and Returns
Second Sunrise ~ Noah Baerman ~ Bliss
Daylight ~ Steve Davis ~ For Real
Contemplation ~ Greg Abate ~ The Greg Abate Quintet
Sonata for Swee' Pea ~ Alan Broadbendt and the NDR Big Band ~ America the Beautiful

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