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All New part 1

There have been a slew of new jazz releases over the last few weeks. This podcast and next week's will explore some of these great new jazz albums. This week we feature two young bass players putting their stamp on the jazz scene. Ben Williams and Chris Lightcap bring us their unique sounding compositions. Also of note is Alexandre Silverio, a bassoon player from Brazil and singer Becca Stevens. It all starts off with a new release from veteran saxophonist and session man David Sanborn.

Featured Album

Coming of Age - Ben Williams on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Spanish Joint ~ David Sanborn ~ Time and the River
Entre Mundos ~ Alexandre Silverio ~ Un Tango para El Chico 
Half Steppin' ~ Ben Williams ~ Coming of Age
The Color of My Dreams ~ Ben Williams ~ Coming of Age
Tilley ~ Becca Stevens Band ~ Perfect Animal
Epicenter ~ Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth ~ Epicenter
Stone by Stone ~ Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth ~ Epicenter

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Jazz spans the world in this podcast. Beginning with a composition by Jackie McLean inspired by Ghana. Miguel Zenon speaks to the Puerto Rican culture and assimilating into the American jazz scene. Bassist Ehud Ettun brings an Israeli influence to his jazz trio. A Miles classic is covered with a heavy classical Indian influence. There is some great straight ahead jazz tunes here as well.

Featured Album

Identities Are Changeable - Miguel Zenón on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Appointment in Ghana ~ Vin Scialla, Eric Schugren & Brian Charette ~ Wake Up!
Days Gone By ~ Steve Davis ~ For Real
To Wisdom the Prize ~ Eddie Henderson ~ Precious Moment
First Language ~ Miguel Zenon ~ Identities are Changeable
Erev Mul Gilad ~ Ehud Ettun Trio ~ Raw Gestures
Seascape ~ Kenny Barron & Dave Holland ~ The Art of Conversation
So What ~ Various ~ Miles from India

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Miles Davis and some fusion classics are featured in this eclectic podcast. Dig how the 1958 recording of Love for Sale fits seamlessly with these electric jazz/rock masterpieces.

Featured Album

In a Silent Way - Miles Davis on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Love for Sale ~ Miles Davis ~ 1958 Miles
Shhh/Peaceful ~ Miles Davis ~ In a Silent Way
125th Street Congress ~ Weather Report ~ Sweetnighter
Watermelon Man ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Headhunters

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