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More Spring

The second half of last week's radio show continues the celebration of Spring. We begin with excerpts from The Bad Plus' latest effort, Stravinski's Rite of Spring. Rez Abbasi's acoustic band is next up from their album Natural Selection. We complete this podcast with a brand new release from Rudy Royston named for his home Area Code, 303.

Featured Album

The Rite of Spring - The Bad Plus on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
The Augers of Spring ~ The Bad Plus ~ The Rite of Spring
The Sage/Dance of the Earth ~ The Bad Plus ~ The Rite of Spring
Mystic Circle of the Young Girls ~ The Bad Plus ~ The Rite of Spring
Evocation of the Ancestors ~ The Bad Plus ~ The Rite of Spring
Lament ~ Rez Abbasi ~ Natural Selection
Punjab ~ Rez Abbasi ~ Natural Selection
Play On Words ~ Rudy Royston ~ 303
Miles To Go (Sunset Road) ~ Rudy Royston ~ 303
303 ~ Rudy Royston ~ 303

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Spring Is Here

Spring inspired music begins our show this week. Trane, Freddie and Jimmy Greene interpret their meaning of this season. Chris Potter, Gil Evans, Manuel Valera and Oscar Peñas round out this week's podcast. Celebrate the return of nice weather and the renewal of life that Spring brings to us with jazz music.

Featured Album

Out of the Cool - The Gil Evans Orchestra on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Spring is Here ~ John Coltrane ~ The Stardust Sessions
Joy Spring ~ Freddie Hubbard ~ Born To Be Blue
Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most ~ Jimmy Greene Sextet ~ Introducing Jimmy Greene
Morning Bell ~ Chris Potter ~ Underground
Every Time We Say Goodbye ~ Chris Potter ~ Pure
La Nevada ~ Gil Evans Orchestra ~ Out of the Cool
Isabelita ~ Manuel Valera & New Cuban Express ~ Expectativas
Paco ~ Oscar Peñas ~ Music of Departures and Returns

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Some New Grooves

Another podcast of mostly new music. The first three tracks feature guitarist and composer Tom Guarna. The first number has Tom accompanying Manuel Valera's New Cuban Express, followed by two numbers off of Guarna's new release Rush. Dig the cool album cover art as well. We follow up with new music from Earl MacDonald's Creative Opportunity Workshop, and Noah Baerman's album of music with a message, Ripples. We finish the program with an older release of Baerman's and a classic from another great pianist, Wynton Kelly.

Featured Album

Rush - Tom Guarna on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
En Cinco ~ Manuel Valera & New Cuban Express ~ Expectativas
Elegy for Etan (Dedicated to Etan Patz) ~ Tom Guarna ~ Rush
Movement and Repose ~ Tom Guarna ~ Rush
Bottom Feeders ~ Earl MacDonald & The Creative Opportunity Workshop ~ Mirror of the Mind
Ripples (For Margie) ~ Noah Baerman ~ Ripples
Satyagrahi ~ Noah Baerman ~ Soul Force
Keep It Moving (Alternate Take) ~ Wynton Kelly ~ Kelly Blue

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We get our groove on in this weeks show, with some funky stuff from Scofield, Redman, Weather Report and more. I dare you not to tap your feet to this podcast. Besides the aforementioned, Garaj Mahal adds some fancy changes, John McLaughlin cools it down some and Antonio Sanchez rocks it out.

Featured Album

A Go Go - John Scofield

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Hottentot ~ John Scofeild ~ A Go Go
Semos ~ Garaj Mahal ~ Woot
Jazz Crimes ~ Joshua Redman ~ Elastic
125th Street Congress ~ Weather Report ~ Sweetnighter
Guitar Love ~ John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension ~ Now Here This
Psychosomatic Dung ~ George Duke ~ Faces in Reflections
The Real McDaddy ~ Antonio Sanchez ~ New Life

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