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Around Town

A playlist from artists that have recently performed in Connecticut. We are fortunate to have these great musicians pass through our home town. They represent a wide range of sounds and cultures. Many have their roots in Connecticut, while others represent an International community of jazz. Hear Latin Jazz artist Mitch Frohman, Spanish guitarist Oscar Peñas, German pianist Alan Broadbent. From here in New England, Noah Baerman, Steve Davis and Greg Abate show us their jazz chops.

Featured Album
From Daddy With Love - Mitch Frohman on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Mambo Nice ~ Mitch Frohman ~ From Daddy with Love
Etude No. 1 ~ Oscar Peñas ~ Music of Departures and Returns
Rain ~ Oscar Peñas ~ Music of Departures and Returns
Second Sunrise ~ Noah Baerman ~ Bliss
Daylight ~ Steve Davis ~ For Real
Contemplation ~ Greg Abate ~ The Greg Abate Quintet
Sonata for Swee' Pea ~ Alan Broadbendt and the NDR Big Band ~ America the Beautiful

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Noah’s Ripples

Noah Baerman joins our program to celebrate the release of his new CD Ripples. Noah and I discuss not only the music on this fine recording, but the interaction of music with activism to strive for a better, kinder world. Noah will be appearing at the Side Door Jazz Club in Old Lyme, CT, Saturday March 29.


Featured Album

Ripples at noahjazz.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
This Little Light of Mine ~ Noah Baerman ~ Soul Force
Motherless ~ Noah Baerman ~ Ripples
The Healer ~ Noah Baerman ~ Ripples
Ripples: Persistance ~ Noah Baerman ~ Ripples
Lester (excerpt) ~ Noah Baerman ~ Ripples

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Something New

This podcast features some fine new albums to come across my desk. We begin with a vocal set with Lauren Kinhan of NY Voices fame. Noah Baerman is next up with his inspiring release Ripples. Also featured are the latest releases from Helen Sung and Hartford's favorite son Steve Davis. The podcast concludes with a trio set from Stranahan, Zaleski and Rosato.

Featured Album

Circle in a Square - Lauren Kinhan on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Pocket Full of Harlem ~ Lauren Kinhan ~ Circle in a Square
Vanity's Paramour ~ Lauren Kinhan ~ Circle in a Square
Time is Now ~ Noah Baerman ~ Ripples
Armando's Rhumba ~ Helen Sung ~ Anthem for a New Day
It Don't Mean a Thing (if it ain't got that swing) ~ Helen Sung ~ Anthem for a New Day
Blues on Blues ~ Steve Davis ~ For Real
Angie's Groove ~ Steve Davis ~ For Real
Limitless ~ Stranahan, Zaleski, Rosato ~ Limitless
Rock Song ~ Stranahan, Zaleski, Rosato ~ Limitless

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Talking with Preminger

In the Groove interviews Noah Preminger prior to some gigs in Connecticut and New York City. We speak of expanding the jazz audience, various influences that shaped Noah’s playing, and a process for finding ones own playing style. There are even a couple of unreleased gems that you will only hear on our show.

Featured Album

Haymaker - Noah Preminger on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Haymaker ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
Patterns of Behavior ~ Superpowers
Love Theme from Sparticus ~ Noah Preminger
Toy Dance ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before the Rain
Don’t Drink the Water ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
Tomorrow ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker  

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All music is the culmination of generations of influences. This holds great importance in jazz. This podcast illustrates the influences on these artists. Miguel Zenon's album played here is based on traditional songs his mother sang in Puerto Rico, that shaped his musical style. George Cables' latest album pays homage to some great jazz composers that influenced his playing. Matt DeChamplain shows the stride style from early jazz pianists that had a strong influence on his art.

Featured Album

Icons and Influences - George Cables in iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Perdon ~ Miguel Zenon ~ Alma Adentro: The Puerto Rican Songbook
Jugette ~ Miguel Zenon ~ Alma Adentro: The Puerto Rican Songbook
Happiness ~ George Cables ~ Icons and Influences
Farewell Mulgrew ~ George Cables ~ Icons and Influences
The Duke ~ George Cables ~ Icons and Influences
Honky Tonk Train Blues ~ Matt DeChamplain ~ Stride-Bop 
Minor League ~ Ralph Peterson ~ Alive at Firehouse 12

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