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First and foremost on everyones mind is this harsh Winter. We pay respect to the seasons with tonights playlist. Starting with the Marsalis rendition of Winter Wonderland. Wynton's version of this classic tune conveys the wonder and beauty of the snowy landscape around us. Gil Scott Heron's portrays a darker political side of Winter in America. Zappa makes light of the yellow snow in his inimitable way. The next set makes us look forward to Spring. The title of Eric Alexander's piece says it all with You Must Believe in Spring. That is followed by two great trumpeters, Freddie Hubbard and Clifford Brown's tribute to Springtime. Joshua Redman does an uptempo swinging version of Summertime and we go the full cycle of seasons with Joe Lovano's beautiful ballad Autumn in New York. We bring it all together with Brian Blade and the Fellowship doing Blade's epic Season of Changes. The show concludes with UCONN's own jazz director Earl MacDonald from his great album of modern arrangements for large ensembles, Mr. Sunshine.

Featured Album

Season Of Changes on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Winter Wonderland ~ Wynton Marsalis ~ A Jazzy Wonderland A Jazzy Wonderland - Various Artists
Winter in America ~ Gil Scott Heron ~ The First Minute of a New Day Winter In America - Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow ~ Frank Zappa ~ Apostrophe
You Must Believe in Spring ~ Eric Alexander ~ Revival of the Fittest Revival of the Fittest - Eric Alexander
Up Jumped Spring ~ Freddie Hubbard ~ Born to be Blue Born to Be Blue - Freddie Hubbard
Joy Spring ~ Clifford Brown & Max Roach ~ Joy Spring Clifford Brown and Max Roach - Clifford Brown & Max Roach
Summertime ~ Joshua Redman ~ Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)
Autumn in New York ~ Joe Lovano ~ Joyous Encounter Joyous Encounter - Joe Lovano
Season of Changes ~ Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band ~ Season of Changes Season of Changes - Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band
Mr. Sunshine ~ Earl MacDonald ~ Re:Visions re:Visions - Earl MacDonald

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New England Winter

The temperatures in New England are hovering in the single digits, snow is piled high and there doesn't seem to be relief in sight. So I can't think of anything much better than hanging out at home and listening to a great jazz podcast. This one starts with some brilliant playing from John Scofield and his quintet including Brad Mehldau and Kenny Garrett. Next is a little known gem from Herbie Hancock. That is followed by a pair from Noah Preminger's new album Before the Rain. This is an album of haunting melodies and exploration from one of the most promising young tenor players on the free jazz scene. See my complete review of this album here. Noah is followed by a couple of great tracks from Keith Jarrett and Ravi Coltrane. The program ends with a classic from Alice Coltrane.

Featured Album - CD Review here

Before The Rain on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Do I Crazy ~ John Scofield ~ Works for Me Works for Me - John Scofield
Tell Me a Bedtime Story ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Fat Albert Rotunda Fat Albert Rotunda - Herbie Hancock
What Goes Up Must Come Down ~ Myron Waldon ~ Momentum Myron Walden Momentum - Myron Walden Momentum
K ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before the Rain Before the Rain - Noah Preminger
November ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before the Rain Before the Rain - Noah Preminger
Everything the Lives, Laments ~ Keith Jarrett ~ Mysteries Mysteries - Keith Jarrett
Someday My Prince Will Come ~ Keith Jarrett ~ Up For It Up for It - Live In Juan-les-Pins, France, July 2002 - Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette & Keith Jarrett
Shine ~ Ravi Coltrane ~ Blending Times Blending Times - Ravi Coltrane
For Turiya ~ Ravi Coltrane ~ Blending Times Blending Times - Ravi Coltrane
Journey In Satchidananda ~ Alice Coltrane ~ Journey In Satchidananda Journey in Satchidananda - Alice Coltrane

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The Kitchen Sink

There is no theme, not one artist or album featured. There is new music, old music, and some classic jazz in this podcast. You will get a taste of some avant-garde jazz, straight ahead hard bop and even some sweet vocals. This is the kitchen sink of jazz in this podcast. For the last few weeks I have been playing some tunes from a fine new CD from Jane Ira Bloom, so I'll place the image and a link to that CD here.

Featured Album

Wingwalker on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
No Turning Back ~ Sharel Cassity ~ Relentless Relentless - Sharel Cassity
Live Sports ~ Jane Ira Bloom ~ Wingwalker Wingwalker - Jane Ira Bloom
How High the Moon ~ Dana Lauren ~ Stairway to the Stars Stairway to the Stars, Featuring Arturo Sandoval - Dana Lauren
Abreaction ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before the Rain
Dew Point ~ George Schuller's Circle Wide ~ Like Before, Somewhat After
Bird Calls ~ Charles Mingus ~ Mingus Ah Um Mingus Ah Um - Charles Mingus
Boogie Stop Shuffle ~ Chris Potter ~ Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard Lift - Live at the Village Vanguard - Chris Potter
Ras Abu-Galum ~ Omer Avital ~ The Ancient Art of Giving The Ancient Art of Giving - Omer Avital
From All Angles ~ Albert Rivera ~ Inner Peace Inner Peace - Albert Rivera

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A Slow and Mellow Set

This is a fill-in for another jazz show on WHUS. Since my regular show was mostly pre-empted for sports broadcasting, its a good thing I recorded this one. It turned out to be a very mellow show, but one that features some of the best artists and their most recent releases. Charles Lloyd's latest, Mirror, plays it surprisingly straight though breaks out occasionally within this format. Kieth Jarrett lays down some gorgeous piano lines with full and able support from bass titan Charlie Haden. We hear a couple from young tenor lion Noah Preminger from his soon to be released CD which will be featured on next weeks show. This podcast ends with tracks from trumpeter Wallace Roney and Robert Glasper giving some Herbie love with their interpretation of Hancock compositions.

Featured Album


Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Freud's Convertable ~ Jane Ira Bloom ~ Wingwalker
Mirror ~ Charles Lloyd Quartet ~ Mirror Mirror - Charles Lloyd Quartet
The Water is Wide ~ Charles Lloyd Quartet ~ Mirror Mirror - Charles Lloyd Quartet
One Day I'll Fly Away ~ Keith Jarrett - Charlie Haden ~ Jasmine Jasmine - Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden
I'm Going to Laugh You Right Out of My Life ~ Keith Jarrett - Charlie Haden ~ Jasmine Jasmine - Keith Jarrett & Charlie Haden
Quickening ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before The Rain
Toy Dance ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before The Rain
I Have a Dream ~ Wallace Roney ~ If Only For One Night If Only for One Night - Wallace Roney
Butterfly ~ Robert Glasper Experiment ~ Double Booked Double Booked - Robert Glasper
All Matter ~ Robert Glasper Experiment ~ Double Booked Double Booked - Robert Glasper

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This show was recorded New Years Day 2011. We brought in the New Year with a killin' party in Boston featuring Akashic Record, so they are our featured artists on this show. We look back on some great releases in 2010 from Ralph Peterson, Pat Bianchi, Greg Abate, and Sky Steele among others. There was a lot of great music made in 2010 and it will take a few shows to go through them all. I wish all of my listeners from around the world to a happy, healthy, peaceful 2011 filled with lots of great jazz music.

Partying with Akashic Record and friends on New Years Eve 2010/11. Here is another video from earlier in the evening, more of a jazz groove going on here.

Featured Album

New Days Ahead on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
3 AM Run ~ Akashic Record ~ Theosophy
New Days Ahead ~ Akashic Record ~ New Dayz Ahead New Days Ahead - Akashic Record
The Moontrane ~ Ralph Peterson's Unity Project ~ Outer Reaches Outer Reaches - Ralph Peterson's Unity Project
Litha ~ Pat Bianchi ~ Back Home Back Home - Pat Bianchi
Step Aside ~ Bob Reynolds
Y blues ~ Greg Abate ~ Wave Street Sessions
Punta Lullaby ~ Abraham Burton-Eric McPherson ~ Cause and Effect Cause and Effect - Abraham Burton & Eric McPherson
Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair ~ The Skye Steele Quintet ~ Late Bloomer late bloomer. - Skye Steele Quintet

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