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Archive for October 2009

Masters Part 1

This is part 1 of a special 3 hour broadcast. I will reserve publishing part 2-3 for weeks when my show is preempted for sports, which happens often during the fall semester at UCONN.

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Afternoon Fill-in

With my regular Saturday evening show pre-empted for sports, I dig out an afternoon fill-in I did back in March of this year. It is an eclectic mix of fusion, bop, Indian and classic rock. Hope you enjoy the variety of this mix.

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Heard in Hartford

Jazz fans in the Hartford area are very fortunate to have access to great live music in such abundance. Lately we have our friend Andres Chapparo to thank for producing many of the concerts here. He has brought us the Pork Pie Hat Jazz series with shows every couple of weeks through the Fall and early Winter. Friday we saw the Avery Sharpe Trio, and in following weeks we will be presented with Ralph Peterson, Antonio Hart and more. Also of note are local jazz heroes Steve Davis and the Luques and Zaccai Curtis who continue to perform for us here in Hartford despite having a busy career traveling around the world playing jazz with their own ensembles and playing with some of the greats of the genre. All of the aformentioned jazz artists are represented here in this jazz podcast.

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The Envelope

I was happy to fill-in for Joel Krut's Pushing the Envelope on WHUS one Thursday Evening in July. This podcast is a recording of a segment of that show.

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