In the Groove, Jazz and Beyond

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Jazz Street

November 2nd, 2014

A mix of jazz styles from around the world, highlighted by Mario Pavone's Street Songs. These are inspired by recollections of ethnic cultures and urban street music heard in his youth. We also hear African and Cuban influenced music from Tyner to Yosvany Terry. That and more on this week's podcast.

Featured Album

Street Songs - Mario Pavone on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
November ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before the Rain
Sama Layuca ~ McCoy Tyner ~ Sama Layuca
Lonnie's Lament ~ Pharoah Sanders ~ Crescent with Love
Vuelta Abajo ~ Tony Williams Lifetime ~ Turn It Over
Elkna ~ Mario Pavone ~ Street Songs
Deez ~ Mario Pavone ~ Street Songs
It Was Whispered ~ Earl MacDonald & The Creative Opportunity Workshop ~ Mirror of the Mind
PASSING ~ Kris Allen ~ Circle House
Dance Transformation ~ Yosvany Terry ~ New Throned King
Chennai Express (For S.A.M.) ~ Manuel Valera & New Cuban Express ~ Expectativas
Snowfall ~ Greg Abate ~ Motif


Talking with Preminger

October 26th, 2014

This podcast features a conversation with Noah Preminger talking about the Jazz scene in Boston and his upcoming show at The Side Door in Old Lyme, CT. We start with some great music with a Latin spin from the Curtis Brothers and JD Allen who have played in the Hartford area recently. New music from Dave Liebman is represented here as well as John Coltrane, Joe Lovano and Earl MacDonald.

Featured Album

Haymaker - Noah Preminger on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Manifest Destiny ~ The Curtis Brothers ~ Completion of Proof
Sonhouse ~ JD Allen ~ SHINE!
Ugly Beauty ~ Dave Liebman ~ Samsara
Quickening ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before the Rain
15,000 ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
TOMORROW ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
Don't Drink The Water ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
26-2 ~ John Coltrane ~ Coltrane's Sound
Lonnie's Lament ~ Ed Thigpen ~ The Element of Swing
Consummation ~ Joe Lovano ~ Joyous Encounter
Mirror of the Mind ~ Earl MacDonald & The Creative Opportunity Workshop ~ Mirror of the Mind


New Tunes

October 19th, 2014

This podcast features mostly new music from amazing jazz artists. Some are new to the jazz scene others are stalwarts that continue to move the music forward. Some like The Cookers, Noah Baerman, Dave Liebman, Frank Kimbrough are pushing modern jazz to new grounds, others like Kavita Shah and Miguel Zenon fuse world music with jazz influences. JD Allen and The Bad Plus experiment with new rhythmic and melodic approaches. 

Featured Album

Ripples - Noah Baerman on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
SLIPPIN' AND SLIDIN' ~ The Cookers ~ Time and Time Again
Liberian Hummingbird ~ Dave Liebman ~ Samsara
Sivad ~ Dave Liebman ~ Samsara
Ripple: Brotherhood ~ Noah Baerman ~ Ripples
Peeling the Onion (feat. Jazz Samaritan Alliance) ~ Noah Baerman ~ Ripples
Same Fight ~ Miguel Zenón ~ Identities Are Changeable
Detroit ~ JD Allen ~ GRACE
Blue Smoke ~ Frank Kimbrough ~ Quartet
November ~ Frank Kimbrough ~ Quartet
You Will Lose All Fear ~ The Bad Plus ~ Inevitable Western
Oju Oba (feat. Lionel Loueke) ~ Kavita Shah ~ VISIONS
Vein Melter ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Head Hunters
Actual Proof ~ Conrad Herwig ~ The Latin Side of Herbie Hancock


New Fuse Old Fuse

October 12th, 2014

We begin this podcast with new music from some of modern jazz's most creative innovators. From that we segway into a set of classic fusion from the 70's. I dig this set. Hope you will too.

Featured Album

Social Music - Jon Batiste and Stay Human on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Soul Vibrations ~ The Brandee Younger Quartet ~ Live @ the Breeding Ground
The Still Standing Blues ~ Rob Garcia 4 ~ The Passion of Color
Landmarks ~ Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band ~ Landmarks
San Spirito ~ Jon Batiste and Stay Human ~ Social Music
Havona ~ Weather Report ~ Heavy Weather
Black Market ~ Weather Report ~ Black Market
Meeting of the Spirits ~ Mahavishnu Orchestra with John McLaughlin ~ The Inner Mounting Flame
The Great Escape ~ Larry Coryell ~ Barefoot Boy



October 5th, 2014

Although I won't be doing my regular radio show for a couple weeks, the Podcast doesn't skip a beat. We feature some new music from Fred Hersch, Otis Brown III, Tom Guarna, Alan Ferber. Also, dig the upbeat version of Bye Bye Blackbird from one of my favorites, Kenny Garrett.

Featured Album

Floating - Fred Hersch Trio on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Beringia ~ Tom Guarna ~ Rush
Bye Bye Blackbird ~ Kenny Garrett ~ Black Hope
Home Fries ~ Freddie Hersch Trio ~ Floating
Let's Cool One ~ Fred Hersch Trio ~ Floating
The Way (Truth & Life) ~ Otis Brown III ~ The Thought of You
You're Still the One (feat. Gretchen Parlato) ~ Otis Brown III ~ The Thought of You
Hyper Ballad ~ Alan Ferber ~ March Sublime
March Sublime ~ Alan Ferber ~ March Sublime

56mb, 58:52


Trane and Ray

September 28th, 2014

September 23 is the birth dates of two giants of American music. John Coltrane and Ray Charles were both born on this day. We celebrate their music and innovation on this podcast. Perhaps not as well known, but a great player from Boston, George Garzone shares this birth date as well. Garzone shared a stage with Joe Lovano in Boston this week, and I was honored to be present at that event. We hear from both of them to close out this podcast.

Featured Album

A Love Supreme - John Coltrane on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Part I: Acknowledgement ~ John Coltrane ~ A Love Supreme
Part II: Resolution ~ John Coltrane ~ A Love Supreme
Nature Boy ~ John Coltrane ~ The Classic Quartet
I Want to Talk About You ~ John Coltrane ~ Live In Stockholm 1963
I've Got News For You ~ Ray Charles ~ Genius + Soul = Jazz
Moanin' ~ Ray Charles ~ Genius + Soul = Jazz
I Got A Woman ~ Ray Charles
Georgia ~ Ray Charles ~ Ray Sings Basie Swings
Tribute to Trane ~ George Garzone ~ The Fringe in New York
Central Park West ~ George Garzone ~ The Fringe in New York
After the Rain ~ Joe Lovano Nonet ~ On This Day At the Vanguard


End of Summer Mix

September 22nd, 2014

A varied mix of creative jazz artists and mostly new releases. This is the sound of modern jazz happening today. Many are young artists breaking in, others have been around making their mark on jazz over the years. Get hip to this music!

Featured Album

Witchcraft - Harvie S & Kenny Barron on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Pome (Grenades) ~ Alon Nechushtan ~ Venture Bound
Carmel By The Sea ~ Greg Abate ~ Featurning Phil Woods
RIO ~ Harvie S & Kenny Barron ~ Witchcraft
Creepin' ~ Harvie S & Kenny Barron ~ Witchcraft
Bald Yet Hip ~ Michael Musillami Trio ~ PRIDE
Gold Prisms Incorporated ~ The Bad Plus ~ Inevitable Western
Morgantown ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
Little Wing ~ Rob Garcia 4 ~ The Passion of Color


Sample and NoHa Jazz Fest

September 14th, 2014

This podcast begins with a tribute to Joe Sample who passed away last week. You will hear the wide range of music he played during his long career with the Crusaders and as a solo artist. We also review some of the music heard at this years Northampton Jazz fest with Miro Sprague, Steve Davis and Seamus Blake.

Featured Album

For Real - Steve Davis on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
X MARKS the SPOT ~ Joe Sample ~ The Pecan Tree
STREET LIFE ~ The Crusaders ~ Street Life
Young Rabbits ~ The Jazz Crusaders ~ The Festival Album
Blue Dreaming ~ Miro Sprague ~ Blue Dreaming
Big East ~ Steve Davis ~ For Real
Blues on Blues ~ Steve Davis ~ For Real
Way Out Willy ~ Seamus Blake ~ Way Out Willie
Lost Tribes of Lemuria ~ Azar Lawrence ~ The Seeker


A Little Out There

September 7th, 2014

The playlist for this week's podcast goes a little out there. From new music by innovators Dave Douglas and Rob Garcia, to groundbreakers like Mario Pavone, Thomas Chapin and Sonny Rollins with Thelonious Monk. These artists have been moving the music forward bringing new directions to jazz.

Featured Album

The Passion of Color - Rob Garcia on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Thrush ~ Dave Douglas ~ Riverside
The Door ~ Mario Pavone ~ Mario Pavone: Song For Septet
Sky Piece ~ Thomas Chapin ~ Sky Piece
The Translator ~ Joel Harrison & Anupam Shobhakar ~ Multiplicity: Leave the Door Open
The Caterpillar vs. The Butterfly ~ Rob Garcia 4 ~ The Passion of Color
Lines in Impressions ~ Rob Garcia 4 ~ The Passion of Color
Reflections ~ Sonny Rollins ~ Volume Two


Bird and Alice

August 31st, 2014

After introducing some new music, we settle into a tribute to Charlie Parker and Alice Coltrane who's birthdays came this week. First we introduce recent releases by Fred Hersch, Jane Bunnett and Alan Ferber. The podcast finishes with Brandee Younger and her version of Ms. Coltrane's Blue Nile.

Featured Album
The Impulse Story: Alice Coltrane - Alice Coltrane on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
The Compass ~ Alan Ferber ~ March Sublime
Papineau ~ Jane Bunnett & Maqueque
Maqueque ~ Jane Bunnett & Maqueque
You & The Night & The Music ~ Fred Hersch Trio ~ Floating
Groovin' High ~ Charlie Parker ~ Salt Peanuts
YARDBIRD SUITE ~ Charlie Parker ~ Salt Peanuts
CONFIRMATION ~ Charlie Parker ~ Complete Savoy Masters
Jaya Jaya Rama ~ Alice Coltrane ~ The Impulse Story
Lovely Sky Boat Alice Coltrane ~ The Impulse Story
Blue Nile ~ The Brandee Younger Quartet ~ Live @ the Breeding Ground